Crop your passport or visa photo with

Calculate the digital image size first

The main task of doing a correct passport or visa photo on your own is to properly crop it. Suppose you need a 2x2 inch photo. What does it mean? How do you know that your photo is 2x2 inches? Or maybe it is 1.5x1.5 inches only? The answer is this: you need to multiply the size in inches by a dpi resolution of the photo and get a pixel size of it. So, for example, your target resolution is 300 dpi, so 2x2 inch photo becomes a 600x600 pixels photo.

Locate cropping frame

Now you know now that you need a 600px by 600px photo. But if you take a photo right from your camera and cut a 600px by 600px piece out of it, it is highly unlikely that the result will be right. I just went ahead and took my own photo and cut a 600px square from it, but it contains just the nose and eyes. Even my head doesn't fit into it. So cropping frame location is not an easy task.

Get scale ratio

You realize that you first need to scale the picture the way so when you cut a 600x600px square out of it, it will contain the whole head of the proper size and shoulders on it. Great, but how do you calculate the scale ratio? How do you calculate the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the photo which is there in the requirements?

So, calculations are not trivial. Plus you need a photoshop. crops it right for you

We have created an online tool and we do everything properly: picture scaling and cropping, fixing head tilt, clearing the background, and adjusting the contrast.

So if you have your photo ready, you can convert it to a correct passport or visa photo right now at


This is an example of what does for the US visa photo:

Automatically cropped US passport photo

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