How to take your own passport photo

Author: Sergey Mikeyev

There are many people who do not like their passport picture because for many of us it is not so comfortable to ask the photographer in a passport photo service to retake a photo. Take it under your own control and make a passport photo which you really like.

We will explain how to take your own passport photo. You don’t have to go to a passport photo service - save your money and time. You do not need to know any specifications or requirements, because we will take care about that.

All you need to do is to take some shots and then make a couple of mouse clicks or phone taps at

If you do not already have a photo, there is an instruction how to take your own picture:

Once you got a photo, download it to your computer and start using . Or if you took a shot with a smartphone, then go to right in its browser.

Go to

Take your own passport photo

Select country screenshot 2

Select document type screenshot 3

Choose additional options screenshot 4

Press the “Upload photo” button screenshot 5

Choose a photo to download (you can download both result photos if you want)

If you need to apply online, download the image for internet submission. screenshot 6

To get photo prints, download the image on the right and print it on a standard (thin) matte 4x6" photo paper at any photo printing service (online, photo center, drugstore) or on a color printer. screenshot 7

You can see details of your photograph in the block below the payment details. screenshot 10
You can find detailed information about getting your photo prints. screenshot 11