New Zealand Passport Online Application Photo Requirements

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CountryNew Zealand
Document TypePassport
Passport picture sizeWidth: 1500pixel, Height: 2000pixel
Resolution (dpi)1
Required Size in KilobytesFrom: 500 to: 10240
Image definition parametersHead height (up to the top of the hair): 65%; Distance from the bottom of the photo to the eye line: 55%
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CommentsThis photo has only electronic form, there is no printable version.

Photo that we create meets the specification in both size and weight in KB of the NZ Passport Office (provided that the source photo is good enough).

New Zealand Online Passport Photo Requirements

The photo should meet all the following technical requirements:

File type: jpeg or jpg

File size: minimum 500kb - maximum 10MB

Dimensions in pixels: From 900 x 1200 to 4500 x 6000

Aspect Ratio: 3:4 (width to height)

Photo should be taken in the portrait position.

Image requirements

  • In color

  • Recently taken ( not more than 6 months old)

  • Head should be in the center  with a space around the sides and top of head, including hair

  • Your head, including hair, should take 75% of the photo

  • The photo should not be digitally changed

  • Clear and in focus

  • With no ‘red-eye’ effect and no reflection and shadows on the face

  • Light colored and plain background

  • Strong contrast between image and background

  • Look straight to the camera with open eyes and closed mouth

  • Do not smile. Keep neutral expression.

  • Eyes should be clearly visible and not be covered by your hair.

  • Do not cover your head

  • If you normally wear glasses, eyes should be clearly seen through it, with no reflection

  • Do not wear glasses with heavy frames, sunglasses and tinted glasses

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This example is automatically generated by according to the requirements.

Example of photo for New Zealand Passport Online Application with exact size specification
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