Which Asian Countries Will Reopen Borders in Summer 2020?

Coronavirus has forced everyone to freeze their travel plans and wait until we can book flights and hotels again. But if the situation in Europe is covered in detail by our recent blog post, what about the East? Visafoto has collected the latest data.


Cambodian borders began reopening in late May. Upon arrival all visitors must undergo a COVID-19 test. While waiting for the results, travellers will be accomodated in special facilities. If one or more passengers test positive, all accompanying travelers will be subject to a 14-day quarantine. Tourists must also have health insurance that covers their stay in Cambodia for US$50,000 or more. All land borders with Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos remain closed.


China has suspended the entry of almost all foreigners and reduced international passenger flights to and from the country in March. Strict travel prevention measures still remain in place.

China has discussed the resumption of international flights with 14 countries and has already established communications with Singapore. But there is no data on which these countries are and when travel will resume in full.


Back in March, India announced that it no longer allowed foreigners into the country. But now commercial air travel in the country is slowly gaining strength. International commercial passenger flights are still suspended, but several airlines offer flights to European cities.


The government has allowed airlines to resume domestic flights with certain restrictions. International travel remains banned, with some exceptions, but the Government is trying to fully reopen the economy by early August. In particular, there is some discussion of opening Bali to tourists by October, but that could still change.


It is possible that this summer there will be a quota set for foreign travelers from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam, who will be allowed to enter the country up to 250 people per day.


The travel restrictions for all foreign nationals, with very few exceptions, were extended until at least August 31.

Malaysian Health Minister Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said opening the borders is the last thing the country will do.


All international flights were cancelled before 30 June and the ban is likely to be extended indefinitely.


Although Singapore's borders remain closed to visitors, the country is beginning to ease transit restrictions at Changi Airport. They are also the "expressway" testing for Chinese businessmen, eliminating the need for a mandatory 14-day quarantine for them. There are plans to create similar corridors for businessmen from other countries.

South Korea

Although the country is open to foreigners, they face mandatory quarantine at their own expense for 14 days in a facility appointed by the government. That costs about $100 a night.


Sri Lanka plans to resume tourism from August 1. According to the plans, travelers will have to pass the COVID-19 test at one of Sri Lanka's two international airports, and stay at approved hotels that meet safety and sanitation requirements. Popular tourist destinations will be opened with regular temperature checks. Individual travellers will not be welcome. Perhaps only organized groups will be allowed to enter.


Taiwan plans to ease restrictions on entry for some countries soon and will announce rules relating to quarantine requirements. They are also considering opening Taoyuan International Airport for transit passengers.


Phuket, a popular tourist destination, was a coronavirus hotspot, as well as Bangkok. These two places are likely to be the last to be opened. The government, however, hopes to ease restrictions on foreign visitors already in July.

Thai Airways has applied to recover from bankruptcy in early May, but hopes to resume international flights by August 1. Bangkok Airways resumed domestic flights May 15.

The hotels will be opened gradually during the summer, and closer to fall most of the tourist infrastructure should become available.

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