Passport photo printing

One of the cheapest and fastest ways to get a passport photo is to take one at home and then to print it on glossy paper. That way you can get as many copies as you want, using them not only for passport renewal but also for

and other essential documents.

Follow our guidelines to take your own passport photo and to print it later.

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Taking passport photos at home

When you create a passport photo by yourself you benefit in several ways at once:

Modern smartphones are equipped with cameras that can produce high-quality pictures to be used for official documents.

How to take the best passport photo

Follow these tips for the better quality:

How to take a passport photo with your phone

Passport photo original source

After you are done, proceed to passport photo editing. The fastest way to convert a picture to passport photo is to process it via specialized online tools. That’s when Visafoto comes to help: thanks to this service you can quickly crop your photo for passport , adjust the background and fix the image quality.

To convert your selfie to passport photo just select the country and the document you need at Visafoto’s main page or in the list of requirements. Upload your photo and instantly get a result ready for online submission and for printing at 4x6 inches (10x15 cm) paper.

Printing a passport photo at home

Visafoto provides users with a file ready to print containing 4 individual photos on it.

If you have a printer that allows you to do color printing on photo paper, just follow these simple simple steps:

You don't need to resize the picture for the passport: the photos purchased at Visafoto will be printed at the required size right away.

How do I print my passport photo if I don't have a printer?

Just find a printing service near your home and order a print on 10x15 cm (4x6 inches) paper. The price per printout almost never exceeds $0.50. Many services provide the opportunity to make and pay for your order online, and then simply pick up the printout at a convenient location.

How do you do this as an example with Walgreens, which offers one of the most popular printing services in the U.S.?

List of popular printing services in the U.S.

Passport photo check

If you are taking a photo for a U.S. passport or visa, you can quickly validate it through this tool: US passport, visa and diversity visa lottery photo check.

Visafoto provides all customers with 24/7 support. Contact us if you have any questions: we will help you validate the photo via official tools.

If a photo purchased via doesn’t qualify, we will fix it or replace the photo for free until it gets accepted or refund the money.

Get passport or visa photo online now!

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