Australia: take passport photos or visa photos at home

Do you need to renew your Aussie passport, extend your stay in the country, get a driving licence or apply for a visa? Then you need a photograph for it. And where can you take passport photos in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, or Adelaide, since all the Australian continent is holding its breath on the lockdown and waiting for the Covid-19 pandemic to end? Well, nowadays there is only one appropriate way to apply for documents and take photos: online .

Let's take a brief look at how it works, and how an ordinary Jane can get professional passport photos online with .

How can I take a passport photo by myself?

You don't need anything but a smartphone. And if you are surviving your self-isolation period alone you would also need a tripod or a selfie-stick.

Taking passport photo at home

Why Visafoto? Because it makes professional photos, and does it in seconds. It knows any single requirement for passport and visa photographs for Australia, NZ, USA, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Pakistan, Croatia, Serbia, Italy and any other country.

Just choose the type of photo you need and Visafoto will adjust the background color, set required photo size and face size, fix your head tilt and image contrast. That is, it makes a professional passport photo out of your selfie.

The cost is just $8 AUD, which includes a 24x7 support and a 100% refund if the photo is not accepted (but that happens pretty rarely).

Will my online-made photos be accepted?

Sure! If you make your digital photos via, then yes, you can submit them in full confidence that they will be accepted. Visafoto has a 99.7% acceptance rate, and its experienced personnel knows everything about passport, ID and visa photos.

What types of photos can I take via Visafoto?

The service allows to get photos for every single document worldwide, including:

How do I print out digital passport photos?

Most of the applications mentioned above can be submitted online, so there is no need to print anything. So please stick to the online application, #stayathome.

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