7 Cool Photography Ideas at home

Many wonderful photos are taken indoors. Photo studios give wonderful opportunities, but at home there are many ways to make wonderful photos too. Although your home is a good place to practice your creative photography skills and to make stunning photos for Instagram, you can also take amazing ID photos at home by yourself. Let me tell you how to do that.

So how to get your own proper passport sized photo?

On a sunny day take a photo of your full head and shoulders. Remember that your face should look straight into the camera. Take several shots, then review them. Pick the one you really love. If you still do not like the selfies, just go ahead and take more pictures, changing things like distance and illumination.

Now when you have a photo which you love, you can convert it to a passport photo seven ways. Visafoto will help you to turn it into an ID photo conforming to the standards of your country. You will get 7 photo types for countries like the USA, Canada, UK, India, China, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Visa photo

Enjoy your online forms of USA visa, China visa, India visa, Vietnam visa, New Zealand visa and all other online visas! 

If you fill in a paper form, just print out the 4 small photos, cut one or two of them and attach them to the form.

Passport photo

Do not miss a chance to apply for passport online! Use Visafoto and create a photo suitable for passports of your country!

ID card photo

Never feel sorry when you look at it!

Residence permit photo

Photo is an important part of your immigration form! So to make sure you have a perfect photo, take it yourself.

Driving license photo

Driving license will stay longer with you than your car. So shine on your photo.

Social card

Look perfect at all your cards!

Work permit

If you work abroad, a good photo will increase your chances to get a job.

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