How you can make photos for New Zealand passport at home

Your NZ passport or visa haven't heard about the lockdown and are going to expire? Well, in the internet era that's not a big problem. You can easily submit an application online and arrange new documents without leaving your bedroom.

You can also extend your visa stay if you are in New Zealand right now. Interim visas will be issued to all students, workers and visitors who are unable to come back home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But there is one thing you will definitely need: a high-quality passport photograph. And where can you take a passport photo in Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington, Christchurch now, when you should #stayathome? The answer is simple: online.

Let's take a brief look at how you can get professional passport photos online with

How can I take photos for a passport or visa with

You don't need anything but:

Take NZ passport or visa photo at home

So, this is what you need to do:

For a fee of $8 NZD you will get and download your picture in 2 versions:

What if my photo is not accepted?

That's pretty unlikely, as passport photos made via Visafoto have 99.7% acceptance rate. But if something goes wrong you will get a 100% refund. The 24x7 support team with professional passport photo experts are here to help you.

What type of photos can I make with Visafoto?

Visafoto knows requirements for every single passport, visa, driving license or any other document worldwide, including:

How do I print out digital passport photos?

Most of the applications mentioned above can be submitted online. As for New Zealand visa, only online applications are accepted at the moment. So, there is no need to print anything! #stayathome

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