Nigeria: How to take photos for travel documents at home?

Are you waiting for the moment when International borders are open again, and plan to get a US, Canadian or another foreign visa? Or you need a Nigerian visa? Nowadays it's much easier than before, as you can submit most visa applications online, right from your bedroom. But what about a photograph? No visa can be issued without a compliant high quality photograph that meets all requirements. And where is the best place to take a visa or passport photo in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Benin, Port Harcourt? The answer is simple: online as well.

Taking passport photo by myself

Times when you needed to go to the photo studio are gone. Modern smartphones are provided with cameras strong enough for quality portraits. And is a reliable way to make a professional photo for documents out of a selfie!

How can I make a passport photo by myself?

As you already know, each document has different requirements to photographs. For example, for a US visa you must position your eyes in 1.18 inches from the bottom of the picture. For the Canadian visa the distance from top of the photo to the top of the hair should be 3mm. And so on. knows all nuances about all types of documents in Nigeria and worldwide, including:

McShem got the visa!

All you need is just to upload your photo and get it done in a couple of seconds!

Some rules of self-made visa photographs:

How can I download and print my visa photograph?

Your photo without watermarks will become available for a fee of ₦1800 nairas. Visafoto will provide you 2 versions of picture:

The cost includes a guarantee. If your photo is not accepted, you would get a 100% refund.

Egungun be careful! #StayAtHome

And take passport photos at home.

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