November 14 2017, Author: Serge Mikeyev

New Zealand passport photo errors about head tilting and rotation

NZ passport photo upload error screenshot

If on uploading a photo to the New Zealand passport online application you get one of these errors:
  • IMAGE NOT STRAIGHT ON: Ensure you are facing straight on to the camera and the camera is at eye level
  • The head appears to be rotated or tilted
Then you need to take another photo looking straight into camera, not having one side of the face visible more than the other. The error messages given by the NZ online application are quite clear and self explanatory.

Sometimes, this is just a false positive of the NZ photo evaluation algorithm, as we have had several cases like that with our clients. In this case changing brightness of the photo may help.

See the example of a correct passport photo for New Zealand and get full photo requirements.
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