Frequently Asked Questions about Passport and Visa Photos

Is it possible to take a passport/visa photo on my own at home?

Yes, this is what service is for. You no longer need to go to a pharmacy or photo studio for a passport photo. Just take a photo yourself with a smartphone and upload it on The service will automatically adjust the format, background and quality of the photo so that it conforms to the requirements and looks like a professional one.

Can I take a passport/visa photo with a smartphone?

Yes, modern smartphone cameras have enough quality and resolution to take passport photos. Professional equipment is not required. will help you edit the photo to the right format.

What size does a passport or visa photo have to be?

In the USA and India the format is 2x2 inches, in Britain - 35x45 mm, in Canada - 5x7 cm. In China it's 33x48 mm. In many other countries, the most common format of photos for documents is 35x45 mm. Such formats as 3x4 cm, 4x4 cm, 4x5 cm, 4x6 cm are also quite often used. In order to select a right format see the requirements for particular documents.

Can I use selfies as a passport photo?

Photos for most documents should include shoulders. If you take a regular selfie it will be difficult to keep your shoulders right. Besides, the distance between you and the lens should be at least 1 meter, and 1.5-2 m is better (5-6 ft). Solution: use a selfie stick or tripod. Keep your shoulders level, look straight into the lens and after editing the result will not differ from a professional passport picture.

What should not be worn when taking a passport photo?

Photos taken in professional uniforms or dark glasses will not be accepted. Headdresses are allowed only if you are not allowed to take it off for religious reasons. Some countries do not allow you to be photographed on your passport wearing normal ophthalmic glasses.

What clothes to choose for a passport photo?

It is desirable to dress in dark clothes. In any case, the clothes should be different from the background. In those countries where the required background is blue or red, as in Malaysia, Indonesia or Kuwait, you can wear white clothes on the passport photo.

Can I use my old passport photo when applying for a new passport?

No. Most government agencies accept photos taken no earlier than six months before submission.

What is a required background for a passport photo?

The main requirement for photographs for most countries is a smooth white or light background without shadows. If you use, the photo can be taken on any background - we will fix it for you.

Which photos are not suitable for documents?

Check out examples of unsuccessful passport photos here.

Can I change my passport or visa photo in photoshop?

It is allowed to adjust color correction, contrast and sharpness, to change background. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to artificially change the appearance, i.e. the face.

Visafoto corrects the photo without changing your face features. Such photos are accepted at any instance. Indeed, 99.7% of photos obtained through Visafoto were accepted by government authorities, and this percentage is higher than in most photo studios.

Can I edit the background on my passport or visa photo?

Yes, Visafoto has already made about 200 thousand photos for passports, visas and IDs with edited backgrounds, which were accepted by government agencies of different countries (USA, Canada, UK, Russia, China, India, etc.). The background can be edited because it does not change the face in any way and preserves the main feature of the photo - ability to recognize the person on it.

How to pose for a passport photo?

In full-face, looking directly into the camera. Make sure hair or anything else doesn't cover the eyes. Eyes and area around them must be fully visible. Spread out your shoulders, put them down slightly and take them back so that the posture becomes natural.

What should be my facial expression on a passport photo?

Neutral. It is not allowed to frown or grin showing teeth. It is OK to smile slightly.

What illumination to choose for a passport photo?

Daylight is the best choice. The light source should be located directly in front of you. This way you can avoid long sharp shadows.

Is it allowed to apply make-up for a passport photo?

Yes, it is. But it is desirable to use neutral natural makeup. The photo should not be significantly different from the "original"!

What should be on the passport photo besides the head?

Different authorities provide different requirements. It is desirable to be photographed so that the head and the upper body and full shoulders can be placed in the frame. will adjust the format depending on the document.

Can I use a scanned photo?

No, when you print and then scan, the photo loses a lot of quality. This is bad.

Is it possible to take a passport photo in the 24x7 mode?

Yes, Visafoto service and our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ask any questions about the service at .

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