Singapore: make passport photos and visa photos online

Do you need to renew your Singapore passport, extend your stay in the country or apply for a foreign visa? In 2020 everything has switched to online - and paperwork is not an exception. You can apply for almost any document via the Internet, without leaving your home. And compliant passport photos can be done online as well.

Surely, that doesn't mean that you can submit any selfie for an official document application. As well as before, passport photos must match strict requirements, such as: even background, right size, correct face position. But you don't need to be a photoshop guru to make your picture meet that requirements (you don't even need a photoshop itself).

Just follow these simple steps and you will get a professional passport photo for just $7 SGD.

Take a passport photo at home with a camera or a smartphone

Taking passport photo on your own

For this purpose you need neither a professional photo camera nor white background. But there are several rules to make your homemade photo look correctly:

Take several pictures and choose the best one. That's an extra-bonus of self-made passport photos: the ability to pick the one you really like!

Upload your photo to and it will take care of the rest

  • knows each smallest requirement for each document worldwide. Choose a type of photo you need, and in a couple of seconds you will get a professional photo out of your selfie. Service will adjust the background color, set required photo size and face size, fix your head tilt and image contrast.

    Passport photographs made via have a 99.7% acceptance rate. For the remaining 0.3% there is an option of 100% money refund. If something goes wrong - 24x7 support team is at your service.

    Types of photos you can make with

    As mentioned above, Visafoto stores data about requirements for all types of passport photos worldwide, including:

    How to print out my digital passport photo?

    In most cases you don't need a printed version. However, Visafoto will provide you with an image ready to be printed on a 4x6" paper.

    Whenever it's possible to submit an application online, #STAYHOME and stay safe!

  • Install Visafoto (7ID app) on your phone!

    Passport photos, visa photos and ID photos. QR code storage, PIN code storage, signature file maker.

    Download 7ID App for iOS   Download 7ID App for Android

    7ID Website with more information >

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