August 28 2017, Author: Serge Mikeyev

Error: Image may contain imperfections, such as speckles or other patterns

US error screenshot 'Image may contain imperfections, such as speckles or other patterns'

Sometimes when you upload your photo for the US visa or passport online application on the US department of state website you may get this kind of error message. But quite often this is just not true, as your photo does not have any speckles or patterns, like on the screenshot here, and the error is just a false positive of the image evaluation algorithm on the US deparment of state website.

What can you do about it?

First, try changing brightness of the photo. Or slightly blur the photo (using the minimum possible blur radius), but make sure that all face features are still OK. If it doesn't help, you need to take a new photo, you'd better change clothes or background, as this error is sometimes related to clothes or background, and then upload it again to the application. Make sure illumination is good, if it is not, use flash. Note, you can make a new photo with your phone or digital camera with online. Note, that photo upload failures is not a big problem, as you can try again and again until you upload a correct one.


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