USA Travel Restrictions amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The United States has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. Some states are gradually opening up, but most still do not welcome even domestic tourists. The land borders between the US and Mexico and the US and Canada are closed for all non-essential travel until at least July 23.

Hotels, resorts, cities, whole states change their restrictions at their discretion based on the current situation. has gathered the data about traveling to and within the US in summer 2020.

Can I travel to the US if I already have a visa?

Holders of U.S. tourist visas are allowed in, but not everyone. As always, this is at the discretion of the border officer. There is a general rule: tourists are allowed to visit the country in case of essential travel. But whether your circumstances are “essential” is up to the officer to decide.

In addition, the U.S. has strict restrictions on incoming visitors from some countries, including a ban on tourists from Canada, Mexico, Europe and most of Asia. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides  the list of travelers prohibited from entry to the US.

USA local travel restrictions

Domestic flights

Domestic flights are run as usual.

National parks

The U.S. Western National Parks are open. Parks may restrict or close different areas depending on the number of people for safety reasons.


Restrictions have been lifted. Hotels, restaurants and all tourist infrastructure is up and running.  From June 5, all visitors must fill out a special form and do one of:


Miami and the rest of Florida are open, and the tourist infrastructure is almost fully functioning. Beaches, restaurants, shops and almost all hotels are open. The amusement parks relaunch sequentially from July 11-15.


The mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for all visitors to the islands has been extended until 31 July. The beaches are open (with restrictions). Until August 1, hotels (if open) accept only Hawaiians.

Las Vegas

Officially the city is fully open for tourists from June 4. The hotels are open. Restaurants and casinos are open. Night shows are not yet held.

Los Angeles

The hotels will be opened gradually during the summer and towards the autumn most of the tourist infrastructure should be available.

New York

The hotels will be opened gradually during the summer, and closer to fall most of the tourist infrastructure should become available.

San Francisco

Hotels and all tourism infrastructure restart gradually during the summer.

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