Where is it better to get a passport photo: at a photo service like Walgreens/CVS or at home?

Just 10 years ago it was only possible to make a photo for an ID, passport, driver's license, visa and other kinds of photo IDs only with the help of professional equipment, background, lighting and printing. Now times have changed. Cameras on modern smartphones shoot clearly and with high quality. More and more authorities are switching to the electronic format and no longer require printed photos. And special online services and applications like Visafoto.com allow you to process photos so that they meet official requirements.

However, many still prefer to be photographed at pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS or in photo studios. Let's look at the pros and cons of each method.

Taking passport photo at home

Option 1: Taking a passport photograph at a drugstore or specialized photo studio

The traditional way to get a passport photo. In a few minutes you will have your photo taken on a white background and printed in the required format.



Option 2: Taking passport photos at home and doing them yourself in Photoshop or similar editors

If you are a pro in software for photo editing, you can take a passport photo at home. Get acquainted with our guide for taking high-quality photos for your documents on your own.

Pros :


The best option: professional online services for photo processing

This method has the same advantages as the previous one. You will prepare the photo without leaving the house. Plus:

Choose for which document you need the photo, be it passport, visa or driving license, ID card and so on. Upload the photo taken at home and in a couple of seconds download the professional result. Go to https://visafoto.com

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