Iran e-Visa Application Process

To enter Iran legally, citizens of most countries need to have a visa. However, it is possible to apply for this visa online, which is relatively hassle-free. This article will explain the process of applying for an Iran electronic visa.

Iran e-Visa

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List of visa-exempt countries for Iran

If you are a citizen of a country with a visa-free deal with Iran, you do not need to have a visa. These countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Syria, and Turkey.

Iranian visa types

Before applying for a visa, you must determine the kind of visa you need. This depends on your purpose of travel. These are the types of Iranian visas:

The documents you need to apply depend on the type of visa.

Iranian e-visa application steps

Start your Iranian e-visa application online

  1. Gather the documents needed to apply. The list of documents is explained in the next section of this article;
  2. Start a visa application on the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ e-visa system site;
  3. Complete all the questions on the application form. Make sure that you entered all your information correctly. Note that you must fill it in English, and the form does not accept diacritics like ñ, é, ü, or ç, so fill out the form accordingly. For example, instead of writing “München,” write “Munich”;
  4. When the program prompts you to recheck your answers, do take time to reread, then submit;
  5. Check the inbox of the email you entered in the form for a verification code. If you have not received the code, you may ask for the code to be resent or edit your email;
  6. You will get a confirmation page on your screen with a barcode. Print this page and write down your tracking code, which you can use to track your visa application.

Visa interview at the Iranian consulate

While some types of Iranian visas do not require an interview, others might require you to attend an interview. These visas are entry, tourist, and pilgrimage visas.

Track your progress

Use the tracking code to check the progress of your application and learn the next steps of your application. The Iran e-visa processing time takes an average of 10 business days.

Documents needed to apply for Iranian e-visa

In general, are the documents needed to apply for an Iranian e-visa:

  1. Your valid passport and a scan of the personal data page of your passport. The scan must:
    1. Be in color, clearly legible, and high quality;
    2. At least be 800 x 600 pixels;
    3. Sized 10 - 500 kB;
    4. Be in .JPG or .JPEG format.
  2. Travel itinerary;
  3. Resume or curriculum vitae;
  4. Visa photo that fulfills the requirements as the next section explains;
  5. Iran e-visa fee of 39 Euro;
  6. Other supporting documents, depending on the visa type. Here are examples:
    1. Entry visa: visa invitation;
    2. Education visa: Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status from the science ministry, education ministry, or an accredited academic institution;
    3. Temporary work visa: labor certificate from your sponsoring employer;
    4. Transit visa: visa to destination;
    5. Media visa: permit from the Media & Public Diplomacy center;
    6. Investment visa: approval from Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran;
    7. Medical visa: approval from a medical institution in Iran.

Iranian e-visa photo requirements

For your e-visa application photo to be accepted, it must fulfill these requirements:

Here is an example:

Iranian e-visa photo

Get an Iranian e-visa photo online

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Our tool adjusts your photo according to all the requirements: size, background, and format, down to face-to-photo proportion, contrast, and head tilt.

Follow the posing and dress code guidelines mentioned above and take a portrait of yourself under daylight. Then, upload it to our tool below.

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Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive

Take an image with a smartphone or camera against any background, upload it here, and instantly get a professional photo for your visa, passport, or ID.

First, take a photo of yours under daylight like this one:

Оriginal photo

You will get a photo fully compliant with the requirements for Iran e-visa:

Example photo for Iranian e-visa

Visafoto will take care of the rest! Your resulting photo is guaranteed to fully satisfy the requirements, granted that you followed all the instructions. Have you got questions? Contact us!

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