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A Maltese passport is a must for any citizen of Malta who needs to travel abroad. It also serves as an ID. In order for the application to go smoothly, it is necessary to take care in advance of a high-quality photo, corresponding to Maltese passport picture requirements. To understand the basic process of getting a Maltese passport, read this article.

Malta Passport

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How many photographs are required for a passport application in Malta?

The number of ID pictures generally depends on your age group. For adults, there is typically no need to get photographs in advance: your biometrics will be taken at the passport office. However, this rule may vary depending on the country you are applying to, so double-check it before applying.

For minors under 15 years old, you must submit two identical photos compliant with Maltese passport photo criteria. One of the photographs must be signed by a recommender: a person holding a University Degree. If you apply in Malta, the recommender must be a Maltese citizen. If you are obtaining your passport abroad, it can be a person from any Commonwealth country. The recommender must have known you for at least two years, and they shouldn't be your relative. The endorsement must be as follows: “This is a true likeness of (Name and Surname)”, and the signature of the recommender underneath;

Minors above 15 must take their biometrics directly at the passport office.

What are the essential Malta passport photo requirements?

Although in some cases, passport photos are taken at the time of application, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the required parameters. The same criteria apply to any other ID photos in Malta.

According to the Maltese passport photo rules, the photograph must be in colour and printed on high-quality matte photo paper. The image must be with no blurs, pixelation, or other distortions. The lighting and contrast must be even. The picture must be a recent one: no more than six months old. Your facial expression in the photo must be neutral, with your mouth closed and your eyes looking straight into the camera. Your head must be centred in the picture, and your whole head and hair, as well as shoulder, must be visible

What is the required Malta passport photo size?

In most cases, you must submit a photo sized 40mm in height and 30mm in width. The face should take up 70-80% of the vertical dimension of the photograph.

Here is an example of a Malta passport photo:

Malta passport photo

What is the required Malta passport photo background?

The picture background must be plain white with no shadows or extraneous objects.

Is there any passport photo dress-code in Malta?

Although there are no strict clothing requirements, it’s referrable to stick with a neat outfit in casual or buisiness casual style. The shirt must make a contrast with a backgound, so choose the dark one. It’s forbidden to wear any kind of a uniform.

Headwear is not allowed except for circumstances specifically approved by the competent authority, such as religious or medical reasons. You will need to provide a signed statement that verifies that your headgear is part of regious tradition and that you wear it daily in public. However, the headgear (such as hijab or turban) must not hide your facial features.

Can I wear glasses in a Malta passport photo?

Yes, but your eyes must be clearly visible. Eyeglasses may not obscure the face by frame, or have reflective glare or coloured lenses.

Get a Malta passport photo online!

As the photos used to apply for Maltese passports have to fulfill biometric requirements, they have specific technical, yet subtle parameters. To make sure your photos fully satisfy them you may choose to trust this task to the professionals.

Visafoto has been helping people get the right photos for passports, visas, and other documents worldwide since 2013. It can adjust your photo to fulfil the needed requirements.

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Just take a picture of yourself following the guidance above, under good, preferably daylight, lighting. Upload it to our tool below and instantly get a professional photo for your visa, passport, or ID.

Passport photo original source

After you get your photos done, all that’s left is to print them. Don’t worry about photo print formatting: you will get a template ready for printing.

Example of a Malta passport photo
Malta passport photos for printing

Follow this guideline to take a high-quality passport photo on yourself.

Documents required for Malta passport application

There are some differences in the processes for adults and minors.


Persons over 18 years old have to apply in person at the Passport Office. The required documents are:

At the Passport office, your biometric data will be taken. Upon collection, your ID and fingerprints may be checked to ensure authenticity.


Depending on age, minors don’t have to show up in person to apply.

Children below the age of six are not required to appear at the Passport Office. Here are the documents needed for the application:

All of the above documentation need to be submitted to the Passport Office by at least one of the parents.

Children aged between 6 and 13 have to personally appear at the Passport Office for application. Here are the documents needed:

All of the above documentation need to be submitted to the Passport Office by at least one of the parents. Biometric data of the minor will be taken at the Office.

Minors aged between 14 and 15

Minors of this age also have to personally appear at the Passport Office with the following documents:

All of the above documentation need to be submitted to the Passport Office by at least one of the parents. Biometric data of the applicant will also be taken.

Minors aged between 16 and 17

As is the case with the previous group, a personal appearance at the Office is needed, along with these documents:

All of the above documentation need to be submitted to the Passport Office by at least one of the parents. Biometric data will be taken at the place.

Malta passport collection for minors

One of the parents needs to appear to collect the passport, as well as the minor if they have reached the age of 12 and over.

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