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Document TypePassport
Passport picture sizeWidth: 50mm, Height: 50mm
Resolution (dpi)305
Image definition parametersHead height (up to the top of the hair): 68%; Distance from the bottom of the photo to the eye line: 56%
Background color       
Suitable for online submission?Yes
Web links to official documents!ut/p/z1/fczBCgIhFEDRX5mhdTxHarCltBAqCXKRuRleYNNrSkVtvr_5gpYXDhccWHABZxqxUgz4Xvrm-uG8032nGD-KDeuY7KUSbCs4Mx2YkoeLGVYnrAEO4P7rZcez3usRXML6XFN4RLDpW4NvqKSMswd7p_jxNdOrTNQkLLFAmtRVyrb9AVYWgbk!/!ut/p/z1/tZFdT8IwFIb_CsRwufRs7brucsIoEfCDgbDdkLIPHLBuYAV_vsVgQjBiDNibpu3p-z7nPShCExRJsc3nQuWlFCt9DiM6fXD71ORgdRkBEzzqcQY2syAw0fizAH5YHqDo_P9nFKEolqpSLyis3marPJ6utLtsQFXGqZKiAfONSBZC5g1IyuVbkUqV1w53-lX_kKK2FBsl9lpVnCcoJJik1HEzA7I4MYhlJ4ZLEmwITFNhm2aSuTG6-w1Od58v1uvI04ilVOm7QpOLGcd7ymNf3vH3voTyQQtbhJvfCqhvgffkuK2uzzDrwKHgTOrB62Y6CKY3PaEkCvWMnCO5ZlvLUdz1eg4zgQMab_N0h0ay3BR65sEfY9Q8Jw4nSVrOhQ5nG-A-vrI85zrDfp_i4YDoeOz_pAc97qvKM-K1NT3Y8Bhg4AG5UL4qRgXD9mpb-Vnr9t7gzRnbDbPiawu9ev0DTYRvaQ!!/?1dmy&urile=wcm%3apath%3a%2Fpublic_latin%2Fpocetna%2Fgradjani%2Fdokumenti%2Bgradjana%2Flicna%2Bkarta%2Fistovrememeno%2Bpodnosenje%2Bzahteva%2Bza%2Blicnu%2Bkartu%2Bi%2Bpasos

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