CVS passport photo

How to take a passport photo at CVS

CVS pharmacies are a common choice to take a passport photo in the U.S. Thousands of CVS stores across the country provide photo services allowing to quickly take and print ID photos.

While the base fee is $14.99 for two photos, coupons are also frequently available for this service. But this is not the only way to save funds on your documentation. Let’s find out how to get your passport photos in CVS cutting the price in half.

CVS passport photo price VS cometitor’s rates

Let’s compare the rates in most popular photo centers across the U.S.

The cheapest offline place to take passport photos used to be Coscto: they offered one printed passport photo for $4.99 only (that is, $9.98 for a pair). The price was available for Costco members only. But in February, 2021 Costco closed all its offline photo centers.

But along with offline, there are online alternatives as well. Let's examine this method in more detail.

CVS online alternatives

The example of a compliant U.S. passport photo.

A modern camera phone and Internet connection are enough to take a passport photo at home. Why do more and more users choose this method? instantly converts a home-made portrait into a compliant passport-size photo. You will immediately receive your photos for both electronic submission and printing. Just use this link to order a U.S. passport photo.

Passport photo original sourcePassport photo original source


US passport photoAnother US passport photo

Result (for online submissions)

USA passport photo to be printed at CVSUSA passport photo CVS

Result (4x6 inch printable image)

The price of passport photo services at Visafoto is $7 only. The result can be used as many times as you need. You can also use Visafoto to make compliant photos for all documents worldwide.

How to print out a digital passport photo at CVS?

Along with photo services, CVS pharmacies offer a wide range of printing services all over the country. Just for $0.35 you can get a 4x6 print made on quality glossy paper - that’s enough to print 4 passport-sized photos at once! Follow these simple steps:

Done! Use this trick anytime you need to get a passport, ID or visa photo to avoid paying the full price of $14.99.

How to order a U.S. passport photo print via CVS

Printing U.S. passport photo at CVS.

Comparison between CVS and services CVS
Is there a need to go out? No * Yes
Who takes the photo? You, using your smartphone or camera Personnel at CVS
How much time is needed? About 5 mins (you take a selfie and load it to Plus 5 mins if you need print outs (you need to order them online separately). About 5-20 mins **
Do you get a digital photo? Yes No
Do you get a print out?


You will get an image file that you can print out, so if you need prints you could use CVS printing services ($0.35 for a 4x6" print with 4 passport photos on it)

Cost $7 if you need only digital photos. Add $0.35 if you need print outs $14.99
Can you get passport photos or visa photos for another country? Yes, Visafoto does passport photos for all countries No
Money back guarantee Yes No
24x7 support Yes No

Get your U.S. passport photo online now!

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