Make US passport photos or visa photos for any country at home

Do you need to renew your U.S. passport, extend your stay in the USA, apply for a Canadian visa or for a visa to other countries? Are you looking for places to take passport photos in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Washington, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Miami, and other cities? Let's consider ways to do it via the internet, as in most cases you can make it through an online application.

Passport and visa photos must meet strict requirements. Besides that a photo should be taken against a white or light uniform background, it should also fit a certain size and conform to other restrictions. That is why when preparing photos for a passport or visa, we are usually going to pharmacies or photo studios. However is it always necessary? You can take professional passport photos with online on your own without leaving your home.

So how you can take a passport photo on your own, and how to make the picture fit the requirements?

How to take a passport photo online

Taking passport photo at home

More information is in this quick guide.

When the picture is ready, just load it to, it will make a professional passport photo from your selfie. The service automatically crops the photos to the specified format, adjusts the background, scales and positions the face as needed and sets the file size in kilobytes. It takes just several seconds. If anything goes wrong with your picture there is the seasoned support staff ready to help you 24x7. The cost of the service is just $7 USD and there is a 100% money back guarantee. But you do not have to worry, as Visafoto success rate is 99.7%. This is because Visafoto is one of the most popular online passport photo services and makes much more photos than any single pharmacy each day. The service has accumulated broad experience in passport photos around the world.

Visafoto has photo requirements for all major photo types. You can make online photos for:

How to print out a photo for documents?

Most applications now accept digital photos. But if you really need to print the photos, then don't go to pharmacies as they will charge you $15 if you ask them to print passport photos. Instead use this lifehack: go to the Walgreens online photo site, order a 4x6" print out, upload there the image that we gave you and then select the closest pharmacy and you can pick up your print outs in an hour, paying just $0.23 per a print with 4 photos on it.

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