Hong Kong ID Card Application

The Hong Kong ID card (HKID) is an identity card held by residents of Hong Kong. The identity card has had several iterations, from the paper document to the new smart card. This guideline will help you find out the basics of HKID and its application process.

Hong Kong ID Card Application

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Who needs a Hong Kong identity card?

All residents of Hong Kong above the age of 11, regardless of nationality, who live in Hong Kong for longer than 180 days must hold a valid HKID. This includes inividuals with employment visas, student visas, dependent visas, and other types of permits.

If your child is 11 years old or older, you must also get an ID card within 30 days of their birthday.

Types of Hong Kong identity card

There are two HKID categories based on the residency rights of a holder:

Hong Kong identity cards may also be divided into types based on age:

Hong Kong ID card application process

The application process for an HKID is straightforward, and the general steps are as follows:

Book appointment

First, you will need to schedule an appointment. You can do it online on the official Immigration Department website, the Immigration Department Application, or at (852) 2598 0888.

Attend appointment

Attend the SIDCC in person, and don’t forget to have your appointment letter with you as you will need to scan the QR code there to go forward with the application process.

At this appointment, you will need to get your biometric data taken.

Receive your card

The HKID processing time is usually seven working days. You will then need to collect your card. If you cannot pick up your card personally, you may task an authorised representative (must be 18 or above and can show valid Hong Kong proof of identity). To do so, fill out this form for authorisation for the collection of identity cards/travel documents. Your representative must also bring this form and your acknowledgement of the application for an identity card.

Documents needed for HKID application

The documentation list depends on your age and status in Hong Kong.

For adults

If you newly arrived in Hong Kong, you must show a document proving your residence status in Hong Kong. This may be one of the following:

If you are already a resident of Hong Kong, you must show documents proving your residence status, which may be:

For youth card applicants (reached the age of 11)

If you were born in Hong Kong, you must show the following documents:

If you were born outside of Hong Kong, show the following:

You must also be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian, who must also show their valid travel document, passport or Hong Kong identity card. If a legal guardian accompanies you, they must show documents proving the legal guardianship.

Get a photograph formatted for HKID

Here are the technical HKID photo requirements:

Here's an example of the photo:

Hong Kong ID Card photo

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Here are some posing and dress code requirements to take a for HKID photos:

Just take a photo under good lighting using the posing and dress code requirements above, and don’t worry about the technicalities; Visafoto will take care of them. Then, upload your photo to our tool below.

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Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive

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An example of a source photo:

The original photo

You will receive 2 versions of your Hong Kong ID Card photo: for printing and for the online application

How much does it cost to get a HKID?

There are no any HKID processing fees: all applicants can get they ID card for free.

How long is HKID valid for?

Technically, the Hong Kong Identity Card does not have an expiration date. Once issued, the HKID is considered valid for the lifetime of its holder, unless it is canceled or revoked by the Hong Kong Immigration Department due to specific circumstances.

It's important to note that while the HKID itself does not expire, the personal details and photograph on the card may become outdated over time. Therefore, the Hong Kong Immigration Department periodically conducts a process called "smart identity card replacement" to update the cardholders' information and photographs. During this process, individuals are required to replace their existing HKID cards with updated ones.

The specific guidelines and procedures for HKID replacement are set by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, and individuals are usually notified by mail when it is time to replace their cards.

What to do if the HKID card is lost or stolen?

In this case, contact the Hong Kong Immigration Department to inform them about the loss or theft of your HKID card. You can reach them through their hotline or visit their office in person. They will guide you on the necessary procedures to follow.

To replace your HKID card, you will need to complete the appropriate application form and submit it to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The form can be obtained from their website or their office. You will also need to provide supporting documents, such as a police report, proof of identity, and any other documents as specified by the Immigration Department.

Last update: May 2023

Example of a photo for Hong Kong ID Card
Picture for Hong Kong ID Card suitable for printing

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