Hong Kong Octopus Card: How to Get

This cashless payment system in Hong Kong has been a comfortable companion for daily transactions. Curious about what it is, whether you need it, and if yes, how to get one? Read more to find out!

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What is the Hong Kong Octopus Card?

Octopus is an electronic and cashless payment system in Hong Kong and can be used to pay for most major transport services (most notably the MTR) and pay for various goods and services in the city.

Actually, Octopus doesn’t just have cards but also various ornaments that serve the same purpose as the card. Octopus also issues cross-border cards, which can also be used in the cities they cover (Shenzhen and Guangdong).

Where to get various types of Octopus cards

There are multiple ways to get an Octopus card, depending on what you need.

Hong Kong Octopus cards for tourists

Octopus cards make the daily lives of the people of Hong Kong more seamless, but foreign tourists in Hong Kong can also make the most of their Hong Kong visit by acquiring this card.

Tourists may get Octopus cards specially directed for short-term stays at various stores, including all 7 Eleven, Circle K, and China Travel Service stores. You can also buy an Octopus card at the Hong Kong International Airport, at West Kowloon Station through MTR ticket machines, Relay, and Trip Advisor.

Cross border Octopus cards

If you need a payment system that covers not just Hong Kong, but also other available cities, you may opt for these cards. Whether you need to have it for Shenzhen (Hu Tong Xing card) or Guangdong (Octopus.Lingnan pass), you simply need to get it at the official Octopus online store.

Bank co-brand Octopus cards

Several banks issue co-brand Octopus cards, each with their own benefits and procedures. This may be handy if you’re already a client of that bank or otherwise interested in the benefits offered by these cooperations. Co-brand cards are usually also personalised. To get these co-brand cards, contact the issuing banks.

On-Loan Octopus

Possibly the most popular kind of Octopus cards, on-loan Octopus cards also offer fare concession policies that allow children aged three to eleven as well as elders above the age of sixty to use public transport at a reduced price.

To get standard on-loan Octopus cards, visit one of these service centres or offices:

It is also possible to personalise your card, which means your card has your name and photo. But having a personal touch on your card isn’t the only benefit to having your Octopus cards personalised.

Personalised on-loan Octopus cards benefits

As your personalised Octopus card has your name (and, if applicable, your photo) on it, it practically works as an identification.

But more importantly, if you lose your Octopus card, you can report your card as lost, reclaim your balance and get a replacement card with your reclaimed credit. After your report is accepted, your lost card will be blocked, and if anyone has that card on hand, they will not be able to use that card. Furthermore, you will not be held liable for transactions or auto-reloads made three hours after the report.

How to apply for a personalised on-loan Octopus card

You can apply for a personalised on-loan Octopus card in two easy steps:

You will need a photo if you want to get your picture on the Octopus card. However, a photo is mandatory if you are applying to one of these fare concession schemes:

Personalised Octopus card photo requirements

The photo needed for a personalised Octopus card application is a Hong Kong passport-style photo. It must therefore meet these requirements:

Here's an example of the photo:

Personalised Octopus card photo

Get a photo for your Octopus card online

Getting an Octopus card sure is easy, but we’re here to make it easier. You can get a photo right here if you need a photo to apply for a personalised Octopus card.

Visafoto can adjust your photo, so it fulfils all the technical requirements. Just take a picture of yourself with the guidelines above and upload it to our tool below to get a photo for your Octopus card. No need to worry about size, background, or proportions!

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Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at visafoto.com


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive

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You will need to attach a printed photo to your form, but don’t worry about photo print formatting! Visafoto does not only give you a digital photo, but a ready-to-print template of your photos so you can just print, cut, and stick it on the form!

An example of a source photo:

The original photo

You will receive 2 versions of your Octopus card photo: for printing and for the online application

Example of a photo for Octopus card
Picture for Octopus card suitable for printing

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