Pakistan Visa Guide

Starting March 2019, people from eligible countries can apply for their Pakistan visa on the official Pakistan e-Visa website.

Pakistan Visa Guide

This article provides comprehensive guidance on how to get a visa to Pakistan, what documents to prepare, and how to get a perfect and compliant photo for your Pakistan visa.

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Pakistan Visa Policy-2024

In March 2019, to promote tourism and create business opportunities, the Government of Pakistan introduced a new visa policy, which enables people from 192 countries to apply for various types of visas (like Business, Tourism, Study, Work, etc.) online before visiting Pakistan.

For tourists, the Pakistan e-visa allows a stay of up to 90 days; for business travelers, it allows up to 30 days. The visa permits one entry into Pakistan, but you can apply to extend your stay for up to six months there, as long as you do so before your current visa expires.

Nationals of over 60 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many EU countries, can obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online. Thus, they can obtain a Pakistan visa on arrival at the country's major international airports, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The ETA is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. The printed copy of the ETA confirmation email should be presented at the airport.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Pakistan Visa Online?

Citizens from 192 eligible countries, with 64 countries approved for tourist visas and 108 for business visas, can apply for Pakistan visa online.

Check the list of Countries eligible for Pakistan Online Visa to see if you qualify to apply online.

Pakistan Online Visa Application Step-by-step

Applying for e-visa to Pakistan is simple:

  1. Start creating an account on Pakistan's online visa system by clicking the “New account” button. You will need to enter your passport number, name, and email. Wait for a confirmation link in your email. If you don't receive it instantly, check your spam folder.
  2. Log in to the system using your verification pin. Click the “New application” button.
  3. Fill out your application form with the required information.
  4. Attach all the required documents listed below.
  5. Pay the visa application fee through a Credit Card/Debit Card.
  6. Submit your application.

Documents Required for Pakistan Visa Application

The documents required for a Pakistan visa vary depending on the type of visa.

For an online tourist e-visa, you will need:

For a traditional paper Pakistan tourist visa application, you will need:

Pakistan Visa Photo Requirements

When applying for a Pakistani visa, your photograph must meet the following requirements:

Pakistan Visa Online Application

Here is an example of a Pakistan visa photo:

Pakistan visa photo size

Get a Pakistan Visa Photo Online service makes it easy for you to get a high-quality visa photo fast. Here's how it works:

  1. Take a photo with your digital camera or smartphone on a plain white background.
  2. Upload the photo to
  3. Instantly download a professionally-edited visa photo.

Visafoto provides adjustments to photos that you can make with a few clicks. We scale and crop the image to the desired size, fix the background color, and straighten the head. Our service also resizes the photo to fit online applications.

In addition, you will receive one digital photo that you can use for your online visa application and one printable copy. If your photo isn't accepted, Visafoto has a 100% guarantee that you'll be refunded.

With a 99.7% acceptance rate, Visafoto knows the exact photo requirements for various types of visas, IDs, and other documents.

Take an image with a smartphone or camera against any background, upload it here and instantly get a professional photo for your visa, passport or ID.
Additional options
Upload photo & Continue


Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive

First, take a photo of yours under daylight like this one:

Visa photo original source

You will get two files. The digital one is suitable for online applications, and the other is for printing.

Example of a Pakistan visa photo for online submission
Pakistan visa photo for printing

Pakistan Visa Photo App: 7ID

7ID App: Pakistan Visa Photo Maker
7ID App: Pakistan Visa Photo Size
7ID App: Pakistan Visa Photo Example

Discover the 7ID visa photo app, brought to you by This convenient app allows you to easily take and edit a Pakistan visa photo directly from your iPhone or Android device, perfect for both digital and paper submissions.

Simply upload your photo to the app, choose the country and the document you need, and take advantage of the advanced features of our tool. Some of its features include:

Automatic adjustment: 7ID automatically sizes your photo to perfection, ensuring your face and eyes are perfectly aligned without any need for manual tweaking.

Change background: With just a swipe, you can change the background color to match official guidelines, like white, light gray, or blue, to ensure your photo looks professional.

Print-ready templates: Once you've finished editing, 7ID provides you with a print-ready template. You can customize this template to fit any standard paper size, including 10×15 cm, A4, A5, and B5. This means you can print your passport photo wherever you need it, both at home and on the go.

Advanced Editing (Expert Feature): This feature utilizes advanced technology to improve the appearance of your photo, correct edits, and close gaps where a clean background is required.

24/7 Support and Quality Control (Expert Feature): With the Expert feature, you can always receive assistance. If your photo does not meet the required standards or is rejected for any reason, our team of experts will be there to assist you.

Pakistan e-Visa Processing Time

On average, your Pakistan e-visa may take about 7 to 14 days to process, although this may vary depending on the volume of applications and other factors.

Please note that the issued visa will be sent to your email address as a PDF file.

Pakistan Visa Fees

Pakistan visa cost depends on the specific type of visa applied for, the duration of stay, and the purpose of travel. For example, the cost of a single entry tourist Pakistan visa for US citizens is approximately USD 60.

You can use an online visa fee calculator to determine your exact fee.

Reasons Why Your Pakistan Visa Can Be Rejected and How to Avoid Them

Your Pakistan visa application may be denied for various reasons, such as failure to follow visa protocols, gaps in your travel itinerary, unclear purpose of visit, mistakes in your application, and discrepancies in your data. The Pakistani government may also deny your Pakistan visa application if you have a criminal background, weak ties to your home country, false information, or plans to visit restricted areas.

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