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Your passport photo identifies you during document checks, especially when traveling, so understandably, you want to look your best. What about the hair, how to style it to both look your best and satisfy the photo requirements? Find out all about it in our article.

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What are the general hair requirements for a passport photo?

The general rule is that your hair shouldn’t cover your facial features. So make sure your hair doesn’t fall to your face and cover it. We recommend keeping it back.

Another general rule is that no headgear is allowed, except for religious ones like the hijab. For example, if you decide to put your hair up in a ponytail, ensure that the hairband is simple – avoid heavily accessorized hair ties.

If you have very voluminous hair, make sure it doesn't take up all the image.

No recommendations, let alone strict rules, govern your hair's look. Your photo should identify you clearly as you are in everyday life: every other rule is based on this principle.

Should ears be shown in a passport photo?

While showing your ears ensures that more of your appearance is identifiable in the picture, you don't need to show your ears in the picture. If you have long hair, you can choose to tuck your hair behind your ear or let it cover them. However, tucking them behind your ears can also help prevent your hair from covering your facial outline and features.

This rule also means that people with religious head coverings can continue to wear them.

Is a hairdo covering eyebrows acceptable in a passport photo?

The answer depends on how your hairdo, specifically your bangs, look. Short bangs that only cover a part of your forehead are usually okay, as they do not cover your facial features.

However, longer bangs that cover eyebrows, let alone eyes, should be kept back so as to not obscure facial features – with a bobby pin or combed back, the choice is up to you.

Is a beard allowed in a passport photo?

Again, we refer to our basic rule that your photo’s purpose is to reflect how you look in everyday life. If you have a beard and you need to take a passport picture, there is no need to shave it for picture day – that would defeat the purpose of an identifying photo. Beards are a-ok if they reflect your usual appearance.

Can I wear hair accessories in a passport photo?

Decorative hair accessories, such as hats, “frillier” hairpins, and bows, are not allowed. Only functional hair accessories are allowed, such as subtle bobby pins used to clip your bangs away from your face.

What is the best hairstyle for a passport photo?

There is no one “best hairstyle” for passport photos. Make sure your hair is neatly styled, so it doesn’t obscure your facial features and fulfills the common-sense guidelines we have explained. As long as it supports the purpose of the passport photo, your hairstyle is up to you.

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Now that you’re familiar with how your hair is supposed to look in your passport photo, it's time to move on to the question of who’s capturing your picture and how it will be processed.

The requirements don’t stop at how you look but also technicalities such as the size, the proportion of your head to the overall picture, and the background. This is where it can get tricky for some.

You could use the service of professional photo studios, but you can also do it all without going out of your home. Simply take a picture of yourself in good lighting, with any background. Then, upload it to our tool. We, Visafoto, have been processing passport photos since 2013 and can guarantee that your picture will satisfy all the technical requirements. As for how you look – that’s up to you! Entrust the else to our online passport photo editing tool.

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