Thailand Visa On Arrival FAQ

If you're planning a trip to the Land of Smiles, you might have questions about the Visa On Arrival process. This article will delve into the frequently asked questions (FAQ) surrounding Thailand's VOA, helping you navigate the entry requirements, application process, and much more.

Thailand Visa On Arrival FAQ

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Thailand visa on arrival vs. 30-day stamp: the difference

Both the Visa on Arrival and the 30-day stamp serve the purpose of legal entry into Thailand, but they might not seem as similar as you'd assume.

The Visa on Arrival (VOA) is specifically tailored for short-term stays. It is intended for passport holders from 19 countries with a 15-day stay, without needing to apply for a Tourist Visa from a Thai Embassy in their own country. To obtain a VOA, among other requirements, you'll need a round-trip flight ticket confirming your departure within 15 days. However, keep in mind that there is a fee for this short-term travel ticket.

On the other hand, the 30-day stamp, officially known as Visa Exemption, has a wider range of validity and is available to passport holders from 57 countries. It entitles you to a 30-day stay in Thailand without visa fees or prior applications. Just show your passport, and voila - you have a whole month to explore Thailand.

So, your choice between a VOA and a 30-day stamp depends mainly on your stay duration, passport origin, and whether you mind paying a visa processing fee.

Who can get a Thailand visa on arrival? Eligible countries & requirements

Citizens of the following countries are eligible to get a Thai visa on arrival:

Visa On Arrival Requirements

To obtain a Thailand visa on arrival, travelers from eligible countries must meet the following criteria:

You may also be asked to show your flight ticket for departure. Failure to have such a ticket may result in delayed entry into Thailand. Be prepared for these issues, and enjoy your stay in Thailand.

How to apply for a Thailand visa on arrival?

As the name logically implies, you can purchase a Thai VOA immediately upon arrival at the airport. The process for obtaining a VOA at the checkpoint typically involves the following steps:

However, you can apply for a Thai VOA online before your trip. With the pre-approved eVOA, you can enjoy a quick and hassle-free immigration process for faster clearance upon arrival in Thailand. The electronic VOA application allows you to submit your documents, such as flight tickets and accommodation details, online, making the process more streamlined.

  1. First, register online on the official website and fill the E-VoA application form. During this process, you need to provide accurate details and upload the necessary documents as requested. If applying on behalf of a minor, you may need to upload additional files, such as a birth certificate.
    • Each traveler, including infants and children, must obtain an individual E-VoA. The E-VoA application can be filed for single individuals or families, with a maximum of 10 applicants.
    • The information on your E-VoA application must be precisely as it is on your passport. Errors can invalidate your E-VoA, and you won't get a refund. Also, application data can't be changed once the visa is processed.
    • The passport you use for application needs to be the same one used for traveling, and it must have a validity of at least 30 days from your date of arrival in Thailand.
  2. Make an online payment through the options available on the Payment Gateway. Charge cards don't need to be in your name, but they must be enabled with a "3D Secure System" for international transactions.
  3. Once your payment is successful, you'll get a pre-approved E-VoA code. You can then download, print, and keep a copy of your E-VoA receipt on your phone for reference.
  4. For expedited service, like getting your E-VoA in less than 24 hours, you can apply for an Express visa service. Note this will cost extra.
  5. Upon landing, go to the Visa on Arrival area in immigration and proceed to the E-VoA lane. Show your passport to the officer for final approval, and voilà – you have successfully entered Thailand!

Documents required for Thailand VoA application

Thailand VoA photo requirements

Here are the essential photo requirements for a Thailand Visa on Arrival:

Here is an example of a Thai e-visa photo:

Thailand VoA photo

Ensuring conformity with these requirements can significantly streamline your visa application process.

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Visa photo original source

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Example of a Thai visa photo
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Thailand visa on arrival costs

The standard price for a Thailand Visa on Arrival (E-VoA) is approximately THB 2000 or USD 52.68, plus a service fee of about THB 500 or USD 14.55. If you opt for quicker processing with the express E-VoA service, the visa fee remains the same, but the service fee rises to THB 2500 or USD 72.74.

Thailand visa on arrival validity and visa run rules

The validity period of a Thailand Visa on Arrival is 15 days. It can be extended for only 7 days at the Thai Immigration office. If a continued stay of an additional 15 days is desired, you may undertake a single border run. Each entry allows you a 15-day stay duration, or alternatively, you can exit by land and re-enter by air to acquire another 15-day stamp.

Put simply, a Thailand Visa on Arrival does not offer extension privileges. If your anticipated stay exceeds 15 days, it is advisable to apply for a standard Thailand Tourist Visa through a Thai diplomatic mission in your own country.

It is important to note that due to concerns about foreign criminals unlawfully overstaying their visas, the Thai Immigration Bureau has declared their intention to enforce stricter rules on visa extensions.

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