United Arab Emirates: take passport photos or visa photos without leaving home

You need to renew your UAE passport or obtain a US, Canadian or Saudi visa? In the era of the internet you rarely need to go out for new documents: you can submit most applications online. But what to do about photos? Where is it better to take passport photos in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Al Ain now, when everything is closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic?

But requirements for passport photos remain quite strict: you can't just take a selfie and attach it to your submission. Or ... you can? Let's see how it is possible to get a professional passport photo online, with a smartphone and Visafoto.com.

Take passport photo on your own

Step 1: Take passport photo by your own

You need neither a professional camera nor white wall for that. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 2: make a professional passport photo out of a selfie

Head to Visafoto.com, choose the type of document you need photo for and upload your picture.

Visafoto will replace the background, fix contrast, adjust size and format according to requirements. The service knows every parameter for any passport/visa photo worldwide. You don't need to do anything manually: Visafoto will do everything automatically. 24x7 support is here to help you if anything goes wrong.

With Visafoto you can make photos for all types of documents, including:

Step 3: download your passport photo

For a fee of 20 AED you will be able to download your photo in 2 versions:

We highly recommend you submit your application online, as it's possible in most cases. #Stayathome and stay safe!

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