Where can I take a passport photo in Hong Kong?

Do you need to renew your Hong Kong passport? Or are you preparing for the after-pandemic life and plan to get a US, Malaysia, Cambodia or Australia visa?

After the lockdown the daily life in Hong Kong has changed. Everything has moved to the internet, and paperwork is not an exception. Fortunately, for most documents you can apply online. But what about a photograph? Where can you take visa photos in Central Hong Kong, Western Hong Kong, Eastern Hong Kong, Kowloon, Wan Chai, Yuen Long now in 2020? No doubt that the fastest, the safest and the most convenient way is online.

Taking passport photos at home is much easier than you think. You don't need to shoot like a pro or learn photoshop. All you need is a smartphone with a camera, tripod or selfie stick (or a homemate to take a picture of you) and the internet for access to Visafoto.com. Just follow our instructions and get your professional passport photo done in several minutes.

How to make passport photos at home

Take passport photo on your own

Upload the picture to Visafoto.com. Select the type of photo you need. In a couple of seconds your professional passport photo will be ready for download. Visafoto will adjust the background, size and format according to the precise requirements. The cost of a service is $39 HKD. Photos made by Visafoto have a 99.7% acceptance rate and the 100% guarantee. If the photo is not accepted you will get a full refund.

What types of passport photos can I make online?

Each document has its own format of photograph. Anyway, Visafoto stores information about all passport photo requirements for Hong Kong and the rest of the world. You can make any kind of passport, ID and visa photo, including:

Where can I print passport photos in Hong Kong?

Visafoto gives you 2 versions of photos:

Anyway, we highly recommend you to complete online applications whenever it's possible. #Stayhome and stay safe!

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