Spain: Self Employment Visa (Freelance Visa)

One of the most popular countries for immigration, Spain gives potential expats quite a few opportunities to come and settle down. Among various reasons to move, there is financial independence, on which you can get a Spanish residence permit. This article will tell you how to get a Spanish residence permit for self-employed or freelancers.

Spain: Self Employment Visa

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Spain residence permit for freelancers

People with a regular and sufficient income, wishing to live permanently or temporarily in Spain, can do it based on their financial independence. A Spanish residence permit allows you to enjoy the excelent climate, delicious food and travel to neighboring Schengen countries without a visa.

Spanish residence permit for self-employed is intended for the following categories:

When obtaining a Spanish residence permit for freelancers, there is no need to make investments and purchase real estate. In addition, you can apply for a Spanish residence permit both for yourself and your spouse and children. You can get a Spanish passport and become a citizen of this country in 10 years after obtaining a residence permit.

Spain self-employed visa requirements

The Spanish residence permit for self-employed is not granted to everyone. There are certain conditions for obtaining a Spain residence permit for digital nomads or retirees. The applicant must:

The freelancer visa does not allow you to earn money in Spain. However, there are no bans on starting a business and creating new jobs for Spaniards.

Minimum income required for a freelancer residence permit in Spain

Calculating the amount of money that would be enough to live in Spain is quite easy. Since 2004, the country has had a living wage Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples, or IPREM. According to this system, the minimum wage in Spain in 2022 is €579.02 per month.

To apply for a residence permit in Spain, a freelancer must confirm that the income per family is at least 400% for the head of the family + 100% for each additional family member. In 2022, 400% IPREM value per month is €2.316,08

Spain self-employed visa application process

To obtain a residence permit, a financially independent person must submit a specific package of documents, including:

You must translate all documents into Spanish. The translation should be done by Spanish Consulate specialists or a professional translator accredited by the Consulate. All documents must be submitted to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the applicant's country.

A Spanish freelance visa processing time usually takes an average of 3 months. After this period, the applicant receives a visa, which is valid for another 3 months. During this time, s/he needs to enter Spain, get a NIE (foreigner identification number required for transactions with bank accounts and real estate) and take the local police department residence card (Tarjeta de residencia). Check this link for detailed instructions on how to get a Spanish residency card (TIE).

Spanish residence permit for self-employed validity period is 1 year, if you apply the first time.

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Here is an example:

Spain residence visa photo

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