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What passport photos do you need for a Kenyan passport or a visa?

Kenya passport

There is good news for people renewing their Kenyan passports or traveling to Kenya and needing a visa. You can handle your Kenyan passport and visa application online at the eCitizen official website of the Department of the Immigration Services of Kenya. This is a fast, secure and convenient way to get your documents done.

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In any case, a high-quality passport-sized photo remains a prerequisite for obtaining the above documents. So, let’s look at Kenyan passport and visa photo requirements and ways of taking the correct ID picture at home!

Kenya passport photo

You can apply, renew or replace your Kenyan passport electronically.

Then sign the form, add a standard set of all the required documents, including three Kenya passport photos (2x2.5 inch), and apply in person in the Immigration Office.

Kenya passport and visa photo requirements

First, the photo size for a Kenyan passport and Kenyan visa differ, but other rules are basically the same.

Kenyan visa photos must be 500x500 pixels in size (for online application). The needed size of a Kenyan passport photo is 2x2.5 inch as stated on the High Commission official website. The resolution of the image should be 300 DPI for a successful upload.

Kenyan passport photo specifications include the position of the face. The height of the head should occupy about 72% of the picture height. The distance between the top of the photo and the top of the hair should be about 8%.

Here is an example of a Kenyan passport photo:

Kenya passport photo

For registration on the Kenya eCitizen website, use a 207x207 pixel photo on a white background. Other photo requirements are the same.

Here is a sample of a photo for registration on the eCitizen website:

Kenya eCitizen registration photo

The photo must be in color with suitable brightness and contrast. The photo background color must be white. There should be no shadows or objects in the background.

The dress code does not allow sunglasses and hats. Religious headgear is allowed. But note that the face details should be visible. Avoid prescription glasses.

Rules and requirements for babies, infants, and newborns passport and visa photos

The basic requirements for Kenyan passport photos and a photo for a Kenyan visa for babies may be listed as follows.

Babies or very young children who cannot support themselves should be photographed lying on a plain white surface.

Your child's eyes should be open. There is some leeway with this passport photo requirement if you have a newborn.

No red eyes.

Here is more detailed article about Kenya passport photo requirements.

How to submit a Kenyan visa photo online?

For your convenience, you can apply for your Kenyan visa online and avoid passport lines at the airport.

Kenya passport photo online

Obviously, the simplest and the fastest way to get a digital passport photo or visa photo is to use online tools. Thus, use Visafoto. It gives you a useful form of obtaining photos, fitting for a passport or visa in Kenya. You only have to take a picture with your gadget and upload it to

Take an image with a smartphone or camera against any background, upload it here and instantly get a professional photo for your visa, passport or ID.
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Upload photo & Continue


Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive

It immediately changes your photo to meet all standard passport photo guidelines. Visafoto will produce two photos. The first one is a digital passport photo for online submission, and the second one is a printable file.

Here is quick guidance on taking a pic and using online:

The service will change the background, install the defined format and size, and increase the picture quality. It will fit all the demands for a passport photo in Kenya.

First, take a photo of yours under daylight like this one:

Passport photo original source

Your will get photos for a Kenyan passport like these ones:

Example of a Kenya passport photo
Kenya passport photos for printing

You can use the same guide for the Kenyan visa picture.

Kenya passport photo: how to print it?

There are several online photo services in Kenya to print out a photo for your Kenya passport. Some examples of such inexpensive and reliable services are Print Shop, Perfect Pics, and Village Photoshop.

Kenya passport photos are provided as a set of six rightly sized 2x2.5 in pics. The price depends on shipping.

To print your photo on your Kenya passport, follow five easy steps:

Besides, if you have the basic equipment, you can print your photo for your Kenya passport or Kenya visa photos at home.

Where can I get help with my Kenya passport photo?

If you have any problems, professional support operates 24/7.

If for some reason the result does not suit you, will substitute the photo for free or return 100% of the charge.


Last update: February 2023

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