Pakistan passport photo

Pakistan passport, ID cards, visa and driving licence require a passport size photo.

Pakistan passport

Learn what requirements the photos should meet, how to take them, how to submit them online or how to print them out.

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Pakistan National ID cards

There are different types of Pakistan National ID cards.

Firstly, the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is mandatory for every Pakistan citizen aged 18 and over.

Secondly, there is a Pakistan Card of Origin (POC) aimed to provide eligible foreigners with great privileges in Pakistan, ensuring that the homeland remains closely integrated with expatriates around the world.

Thirdly, a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis or NICOP is issued for Pakistan citizens living abroad and who are citizens of another country that has a dual citizenship agreement with Pakistan. Any Pakistan citizen can apply for the NICOP and travel to Pakistan without a visa.

The easiest way to get any required ID is to apply for it online via NADRA’s website or mobile app. NADRA is the abbreviation of the National Database And Registration Authority of the government of Pakistan. Your picture for ID for Pakistan, passport photo in Pakistan, and visa photo for Pakistan is an essential part of any application. Pay attention that your request will be denied in case your photo for an ID card in Pakistan does not meet the official requirements of the government.

Yet, there is good news. The rules for ID photo in Pakistan for National ID cards NADRA and NICOP and passport photo for Pakistan visa are the same. Follow these rules for passport photos and driving licence photos too.

Pakistan passport photo requirements

Pakistan passport photo rules require the size of the picture of 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height. For a successful online application, the image resolution should be 600 DPI and the image size should be under 350 KB.

Pakistan passport photo

Also, Pakistan passport photo specifications regulate the position of the head in the picture. The height of the head should be 34 mm. The distance between the top of the photo and the top of the hair should be 3.5 mm.

The Pakistan passport photo background color should be white.

If you wear glasses, avoid shadowing your face. Headgear is allowed for religious purposes only. The photo must have been taken within 6 months.

Learn more at Pakistan passport photo requirements page.

Pakistan passport or ID photo online

If you need to quickly get a CNIC, NICOP, NADRA photo or Pakistani visa photo, special online tools offer an easy and fast way to get your photo for an ID card in Pakistan, passport photos in Pakistan, and a photo for a Pakistan visa done. Thus, Visafoto gives you a convenient method to receive photos suitable for any Pakistan document application. Take a picture with your smartphone and upload it to Visafoto:

Take an image with a smartphone or camera against any background, upload it here and instantly get a professional photo for your visa, passport or ID.
Additional options
Upload photo & Continue


Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive

It converts your photo immediately so that it certainly will meet the official Pakistan passport photo, ID photos in Pakistan, and a Pakistan e-visa photo guidelines. Visafoto will create two photos. The first one is a digital photo for a Pakistan passport suitable for submission online and the second one is a printable version.

Here are the brief instructions on how to take a picture and use Visafoto online:

Let’s look at an example.

Here is a sample of an original photo:

Passport photo original source

And here are samples of the ready photos:

Example of a Pakistan passport photo
Pakistan passport photo for printing

You can use the same guidance for ID photos in Pakistan and Pakistan visa pic.

If for some reason you are not happy with the result, will change the photo for free or refund 100% of the price.

How to submit a Photo for Pakistan ID Online at NADRA?

The NADRA website offers the online Pakistan ID application service. To submit your Pakistan ID photo at NADRA follow six easy steps:

Well done! You have successfully attached your photo to your application.

How to verify your Pakistani passport / ID / visa photo?

It is always great to know in advance whether your digital photo for a Pakistan visa or ID card is valid and corresponds to the specifications of the visa application. There is a free online verification instrument available on the Photograph Guide page for an e-visa to Pakistan photo of the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the government of Pakistan. Upload your picture here and check it. Pay attention that the size of the image can not be more than 350 KB.


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